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A Word from David...

I started making games by figuring it out through thousands of hours of trial and error, learning from mistakes and successes, scouring the internet, and learning from mentors and their mistakes and successes. I've run an independent game company since 2011, and I've taught many people how to make games over these years.

Now, over ten years later, I'm here to give you the guidance that would have saved me years of my life on my journey of making expressive video games. David's Game School is here to help you have amazing experiences like I've had making games, without all the wasted time, money, and energy.

I've taught people of all ages who have never made games before to develop games together over the course of 48 hours in game jams. I've taught middle school students brand new to programming, in about an hour each week for a couple of months in a row, to make their own games.

Game developers who have learned with me have found success in the game industry at companies including Epic Games, Funcom, Ubisoft, Limited Run Games, Puny Human, and more. Some have founded their own companies to make the games they want to make.

This is your path to make the games you want to make! Let's get started!

What To Expect
• Make 2D and 3D games at your own pace (minimum recommended 10 hours spread out per month)
• Own the games you make, share/sell them however you want to
• Earn certificates & recommendation letters for job & college applications
• All games created through the program are eligible to be considered for promotion through Solanimus Games
David ready for battle
• Live game development lessons & direct mentoring
• 24/7 virtual classrooms available to all students
• Students can try each other's games along the way
David on laptop
David with tools
• Make your games on Windows, Mac, or Linux using tools such as GDevelop, Godot Engine, Unity, and Unreal Engine
• Export your games to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Web
• Learn transferable skills for entire game development process, then specialize as you like as a programmer, game designer, artist, musician, etc.
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